Classical Ballet of Miami follows the Cuban Ballet Method

Classical Ballet of Miami is run by a team of administrators and faculty who highly value the practice of Ballet. Our programs follow the renowned Cuban Ballet Method and curricula, which has a romantic feel that combines the high Russian extension with the fancy Italian footwork and French arm artistry. The Cuban Method has evolved from the Vaganova method, emphasizing dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs and torso and combining the Italian Cecchetti and the French method of dance. In the Cuban Method, the torso is the foundation of all movement; its work is very clean and precise, though not stiff. The dancer's torso, for that reason, needs to be strong and under impeccable alignment and control. These are just some of the things that make the Cuban Ballet Method unique.

Our school attempts to train students so they can acquire the necessary practice and skills to perform in ways that put the Cuban Ballet Method to practice. Classical Ballet of Miami offers all levels of ballet instruction under the Cuban Ballet Method including Pointe, Repertoire, Pas de Deux, and Physical Preparation Classes.

Located in Miami, Florida we have the opportunity of teaching students from a variety of cultures who are interested in following this fantastic and well known Cuban ballet method. Our students number one priority as a school is to instil a love and respect for classical ballet and dance in general. It is important for students to understand that when they see dancers performing on stage doing amazing jumps and movements, they are seeing the result of very hard work and dedication. If you want to learn more about the Cuban Ballet Method do not hesitate to contact us.

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Cuban Ballet Method

The Cuban Ballet Method is the product of the union of several schools: the French, Russian, Danish and American, which adapted to our physical and cultural conditions has manifested itself in a distinct way of dancing that uses the techniques from these great schools of Ballet, however, creating a unique style defined by the aesthetic tastes and roots of Cuban culture. The creation of the Cuban Ballet Method dates back to the 1930s.

The formation of the Cuban School of Ballet is comprised of the joint work of the three pillars of classical dance in Cuba: Alicia Alonso, world famous dancer and Prima Ballerina Assoluta; Fernando Alonso: a great teacher who seeks ways to create dancers who are able to express and convey with their bodies the emotional needs and technical vocabulary of dance; and Alberto Alonso: master choreographer who is capable of creating new dance languages. From these great teachers the Cuban Ballet Method has flourished

Some Characteristics that Define Us as a School

  • We specialize in classical ballet
  • We follow the Cuban Ballet Method: a scientific methodology and a renowned ballet program
  • Our Physical preparation classes are specifically designed for each student’s needs, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our classes go beyond one hour and we base our timing on the completion of specific objectives in each class/level.
  • We are constantly refreshing our knowledge of classical ballet with updated information in the world of the Cuban Ballet Method by attending renowned seminars in the world of ballet.
  • Our classes are not improvised and each has specific goals.
  • Unlike other schools, our focus is not to use training hours to rehearse for endless shows during the year, but to train on ballet technique and artistry. However, our students do have performing opportunities.


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