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Classical Ballet of Miami Presents: Nutcracker

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We feature pure classical ballet training, our programs include: Pre-Ballet, Ballet-Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pre-Professional, Professional, Pointe, Repertoire, Pas de Deux, and Physical Preparation Classes. Pre-Ballet classes for ages 5-7, are excellent to introduce young children to ballet classes.


Ballet training starts from an early age, and your child will have the finest ballet training at Classical Ballet of Miami. Our ballet school features over 40 different classes weekly to fit the training needs of each of our students. We specialize in classical ballet to produce professional dancers following the renowned Cuban ballet methodology.


Teenage Ballet dancers are encouraged to take our ballet intermediate and advanced classes where they will be able to master the ballet techniques from previous ballet classes and develop their movements with fluidity and grace. They will also learn to exercise further control of their jumps and leaps with speed and coordination.


Join us for our Summer programs. What better way to spend your Summer than practicing the techniques you’ve been acquiring all year long. Ballet, like most sports requires dedication. You can select the classes you want to attend to and make your Summer Ballet sessions as intensive as you want them to be.

Google Review – 5⭐

"Liz Ugaz is a truly dedicated teacher who ceaselessly encourages and motivates her students to reach their highest potential. I greatly recommend Classical Ballet of Miami! In my experience, it is the best dance academy in south Miami."
Mariana Lapuente

Google Review – 5⭐

"Magnífica escuela, los maestros muy bien preparados. Mis primas son alumnas de la escuela y es de las mejores experiencias que han tenido."
Angel Leyva

Yelp Review – 5⭐

"This ballet school has to be one of the best ballet schools in Miami. The instructors are loving and caring and want their students to get better, they are very knowledgeable on ballet technique, strength conditioning, and performance artistry. The classes are specifically catered to your child's needs and the conditioning classes are also catered to make your child better in their ballet classes. I absolutely loved my time at Classical Ballet Of Miami and I would do it all over again if I could. 1000 percent recommend, you will not regret it."
Izka E.

Google Review – 5⭐

"Liz Ugaz is a technical expert and master instructor of the Cuban method of classical ballet. Her passion and enthusiasm for dance has inspired and prepared numerous students for careers in classical ballet. I highly recommend her studio for dedicated students that desire to perform classical ballet at an extremely high level of excellence."
Rene Jewett

About Classical Ballet of Miami

Classical Ballet of Miami follows the Cuban classical ballet curricula and methodology, which has produced hundreds of excellent dancers hired in the best companies in the world. If you have a child who loves ballet and wishes to start classes right away, come to our studio for a tour. Our ballet rooms offer the finest sprung ballet floors, especially designed for ballet dancers to protect muscles and ligaments during leaps and jumps. This is a very important feature and one of the many reasons we are unique in the area.

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